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  • Snowstorm by William Turner

    Content management systems can be confusing.

    Updating your site should be simple.  

No More CMS

No More CMS runs on Modernizr, html5 boilerplate, jQuery, jEditable, jWysiwyg, Colorbox, html5 dropbox, PHP, and JSON (as a flat file database). That's a lot of goodness baked in!

No More CMS (No More Content Management System) is a site that can be edited from the front-end. To edit the site, just log in and click on the text you want to edit. To create a page, put the desired URL in your browser's address bar, and go to the page. When you get there, start editing and save when you are finished — you now have a new Web page.  

Solutions like WordPress are perfect for most users. Drupal is great for enterprise-size sites and applications. But some users need a solution that makes them feel more comfortable. Something without an administrator back-end. Something with fewer functions, without the bells and whistles, but that allows them to feel like they are in control. Enter No More CMS. No More CMS allows website administrators to login, click on text, and start editing in a fully functional and visual way, and to also view and edit the code behind the content from within the browser (for those of us who think that code is poetry). 

No More CMS was first designed to be used for academic department and medical research websites. It is intended to be fast and simple, requiring very little upkeep. What will you use it on?

No More CMS is open source code, licensed MIT and GPL. You can use No More CMS on as many sites as you want, you can change the code, you can release it and sell it, and you can borrow pieces from it. To run it, just download it, update lines 5, 6, and 7 of the index.php file, and put it on your Apache server. No database required.